chickens are wonderful creatures but they require lots of food and cleaning out!! Chickens poop lots so be prepared to clean them daily !!

girl hens lay eggs from 16-18 weeks old and will need a good quality layers pellet to keep them in good health. It is also a good idea for them to have grit or broken up egg shells to eat as this helps their digestion.


Chickens can live happily in relativley small spaces, but it goes without saying that given the option, they would certainly choose a larger space with lots of space to investigate, Nesting boxes should be provided for hens as safe place for them to lay. Only 1 Rooster should be kept per 20 hens...preferably only keep one rooster in your flock as they will fight for dominance. They are very protective of their ladies and will command respect off their girls a

and also their human owners!!!